About Us

Dt. Archana Jain

Since childhood, I have been strongly driven by the need to help others which was ingrained in me by my parents. This force has helped me in working for more than 25 years in this profession and I have gathered a vast knowledge and a plethora of experience. I am determined towards sharing my expertise and knowledge with as many people as possible. Nothing gives me more happiness than the feedback I receive from the people I have helped.

After getting my MSc Food and applied nutrition, I worked with various hospitals and Personal care clinics. I started my own nutrition and wellness clinic which has been active for over 2 decades. So, believe me when I say that I have seen all and done all. From weight loss/gain to chronic disease prevention, I can craft any type of specialised diet suitable to my clients and their needs. Therefore, people can now say goodbye to the conventional ideas of eating less, fasting, or avoiding a certain type of food and can start appreciating the balanced way of nutrition. I believe that learning period never ends for a professional, so even now I am still as eager to read and learn, just so that I can expand my knowledge bank for the betterment of my treasured clients.

Our Vision

A society where every individual understands the impact of good food and proper nutrition on their physical and mental being.

Our Mission

To eradicate all food myths and create an environment with strong, confident and healthy individuals.

How we Work?

Your body believes what you think, your thoughts become action, Actions become behavior, so keep your Positive thinking alive!